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Hot Water Systems & Hot Water Heaters

Cold start to your day? Put a stop to that now and call the team at Hilton Plumbing to repair or replace your hot water system in Perth.

Whether the Pilot lights gone out, the waters not hot enough or there just isn’t enough to go around! Gas Storage Hot Water SystemsInstant Gas Hot Water SystemsElectric Storage Hot Water Systems and Solar Hot Water Systems, we have you covered.

We turn up repair ready, experienced with a van carrying the essential components for most makes and models of hot water heaters. Get back in hot water. Call Hilton Plumbing today.

Don’t allow the lifespan of your hot water system to be called short, talk to our Perth hot water system experts to get the right advice for you. Learn how our routine maintenance services can keep your hot water heater running in tip top shape for years to come.

Same day installation & Lowest Prices Guaranteed!

We will beat any genuine comparable quote for the supply and installation of a hot water system*.

Upgrade to a continuous flow system

Looking to upgrade to a continuous flow hot water system? We can help!

Upgrade Your Hot Water System with Hilton Plumbing

Is your hot water system looking a bit sad and rusty, doesn’t deliver the performance it used to or even detect a leak? Sometimes, replacement is the only option. Hilton Plumbing will happily guide you through the multiple options available, and help identify the right solution for your needs, property and budget!

We size, source and install your new unit, getting you back up and running with minimal fuss. Stop timing your showers and coming up cold.

Hilton Plumbing is an authorised repairer for most major hot water system manufacturers. Trust the repairers, trusted by the manufacturers themselves.

Please access the links below to learn more about Hilton’s hot water systems. If you are having any problems with your hot water system right now, please contact us!

Repair your existing Hot Water System

No hot water? Hilton Plumbing will get you warm in no time.

  • Hot water run out?
  • Faulty pilot light?
  • Water isn’t hot enough?
  • Leaking hot water system?
  • Noisy pipes?

An unexpected change in your hot water service may be the result of a minor problem, easily repaired by one of our licensed plumbers. Or, it may be the result of a more significant issue.

No matter what the problem Hilton Plumbing has the answer.

We prefer to extend the life of your hot water system, taking a repair over replacement policy where viable. Hilton Plumbing are the trusted repairer for many manufacturers of hot water heaters, meaning that we have the knowledge to get you up and running as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

For Swift, safe repairs call Hilton Plumbing

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With a mate in the trade
Getting your hot water system is easy

Unlike some of our competitors, we’re happy to show all our hot water system prices online. If you’re unsure of what hot water system will work best for you, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help over the phone.

Call us to book a specific time slot for one of our licensed plumbers to come to your premises with a brand-new hot water system.

Our plumber will make sure your hot water system is installed with care, precision and most of all… in a compliant manner with any additional costs being upfront and clear. Using all new fittings and valve wear, we guarantee you will be ecstatic with your hot water heater installation.

Once the work is completed, we will do a thorough final inspection and clean any mess created. All workmanship is guaranteed so you can have peace of mind.

Learn more about Hilton Plumbing's hot water service repairs.

If you have no hot water at all, the problem could be as simple as the pilot light has gone out, its faulty or there is an issue with the existing gas supply. Call Hilton Plumbing.
Our licensed plumbers will be there in a flash, carrying spare components for all major makes and models of hot water heaters.
We will promptly diagnose the issue at hand and resolve it, getting you back in hot water quickly and safely.
Call Hilton Plumbing 63500900

If you have hot water service, but it isn’t hot enough, DO NOT attempt to correct the problem. Incorrect thermostat adjustment could lead to accidental scalding. Call Hilton Plumbing. Our registered plumbers carry essential replacement parts for most major brands and models with us. Whether a faulty sensor or incorrect thermostat settings are to blame, we safely and swiftly restore your hot water service.

Does your hot water run out to quickly?
If so what has changed? Has your household grown or the little rug rats now bigger than you?
The system that’s served you well over the years may not be able to meet your new higher demands. Hilton Plumbing has the solution to your needs. We can investigate into your new requirements and take the required steps to stretch the old supply just that little bit further.
We can install water saving shower heads, flow control valves or we can upgrade your old system to a new unit for ample, constant supply.
Call Hilton Plumbing today for obligation free advice.

A properly functioning hot water will produce some condensation as it reheats. A small leak from the relief valve to the side of the unit is also normal as it balances out the pressure increase due to heating. A small wet patch next to the unit is considered normal, however if this valve is consistently running or the hot water unit has water in the base of it then repairs will be required. Contact Hilton Plumbing immediately, we turn up ready to repair with replacement parts for most makes and models on-board. If replacement is necessary, we are happy to provide advice, supply and installation obligation free. Avoid the stress of no hot water and call Hilton Plumbing today!
Your hot water system producing more noise than hot water? If your pipes are banging and clanging when using the hot water system call Hilton Plumbing. Damaged pipes, faulty valves or incorrect temperature settings could be to blame. Altering the settings yourself can lead to accidental scalding. Call Hilton Plumbing , our experienced tradesmen will diagnose the issue at hand and give you a fixed price quote before proceeding.

Energy bills on the rise?
Your old hot water system could be to blame. As your hot water system ages it becomes more prone to rust, causing flooding and potentially property damage. Even a small hot water system leak can add up to a big increase in your energy bills as heated water is lost to the ground.
Call Hilton Plumbing today, we will conduct a thorough examination of your existing unit balancing out the viability of repairs or replacement. If replacement is unavoidable, we will size, supply and install the hot water unit of your choice and specification.
Call Hilton Plumbing today for the right advice at the right price.

There Is A Big Difference Between Our Installations And Our Competitor's Installations

Competitor's Installation

To match the warehouse direct pricing of Hilton Plumbing our competitors have been seen to cut corners.

Using old pipework, fittings and even the valve wear you can be left with a non-compliant mess.

Don’t walk past this old mess, have an install you will be proud to show your mates.

Our Installation

As Perth’s #1 Hot Water System Installer its our duty to deliver the best installations for the best price.

Our proud and skilled hot water specialists will make sure your hot water system is installed with care, precision and most of all… in a compliant manner.

Using all new fittings and valve wear, we guarantee you will be ecstatic with your installation.

Frequently Asked Hot Water System Questions

Hot water systems can run on either gas, electricity or solar energy. Electric water heaters are cheaper up front, but have high operating costs and poor energy efficiency. Gas hot water systems are more expensive to purchase, but have the best energy efficiency and reliability overall.
The best setting is around 50 deg C. This is hot enough to cook and clean but not enough to cause 2nd degree and worse burns. This is the highest setting a licenced plumber can deliver to a sanitary fixture.
Consider the amount of water that the entire household needs – how many people are living in the house? How many bathrooms and appliances need water at the same time? You also need to take into account whether you are looking at a storage or instantaneous hot water system. If you are unsure what you need, check out our helpful hot water system decision tool here.
It is either one of the pipe fittings becoming loose or the internal tank has ruptured. Repairing leaks on pipes and fitting can be easily repaired. A larger leak within the tank will require full replacement of the unit itself.
You can use solar or heat-pump hot water systems, or use a high-efficiency LPG/natural gas storage.

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