Pure, clean water for your entire house

Considered the premier solution, a whole house filter will ensure that every drop of water is purified before it even comes out of the tap. From the kitchen to the bathroom and the laundry, whether drinking, washing or cleaning, a whole house filter has you covered

Whole House


Reduce the hardness of your water

If you’re noticing a lot of scale build-up in your showers and sinks then it may be caused by ‘hard water’, or water that is high in trace minerals such as magnesium, calcium and iron. A water softener removes these trace elements from your water, minimising build-up.

Why you need Water Filtration

If you’re looking to embrace a more natural and healthier lifestyle, then water filtration is the ideal place to start, removing chlorine, bacteria and sediment from your water.

Benefits of Water Filtration

A full home water filtration system doesn’t just taste better, it can also be beneficial for cleansing your hair and skin, while also reducing limescale and calcium build-ups.

How it works

A full home water filtration system is plumbed directly into the mains water line, ensuring that all of your homes’ water passes through the filter for total purification.

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