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Leak Detection

We will change the way you think of plumbers forever.

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Leak Detection & Repair

  • Contaminated water?
  • Water gushing?
  • No pressure?
  • No hot water?
  • Big water bill?
  • Damp Walls?
  • Water running sound?

Hilton Plumbing gets the pressure of you and back in your pipes.

Hilton Plumbing is your one stop shop for the location and repair of all your water leak problems.  Shower wall damp? Water meter spinning wildly? Large unexplained water bill? Hilton Plumbing has seen it all.

We have invested in the latest of technologies and techniques to give you a fully comprehensive service from arrival to completion. Don’t trust the repairs to any cowboy, get the specialists from Hilton Plumbing.  Keep costs, disruption and damage to a minimum and get the experts that not only can source your leak, they can fix it too!

Being licenced plumbers we are able to conduct all the required repairs swiftly removing the need for multiple trips and expensive contractors. Remove the guessing game, using the latest technology we can pinpoint the exact location, keeping expensive exploration to a minimum.

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