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Upgrading to a continuous flow gas hot water system is easy as 1-2-3-4

Check out our range of continuous gas hot water systems and choose your unit. If you are unsure which one is right for you, feel free to give us a call for a recommendation.

Call our helpful team to work out your best option. If any further costs are expected including gas upgrades, GPO installations and repositioning of your system, we will be able to give you an upfront quote with only a few details. No surprise costs and no hidden fees!

Hilton Plumbing & Electrical always go above and beyond to make sure you’re getting the right advice and the best value for your money.

If you’re satisfied with the fully inclusive quotation, feel free to make a booking with our specialist team of hot water system plumbers. Please note that full continuous flow installations may take from half to a full day to install.

Our hot water specialist will arrive on time with your brand-new unit installing your new unit with care and precision.

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Hilton Plumbing

4.8 Stars – Based on 1377 Reviews

Hilton Plumbing

4.8 Stars – Based on 1377 Reviews

Hilton Plumbing

4.8 Stars – Based on 1377 Reviews

Hilton Plumbing

4.8 Stars – Based on 1377 Reviews

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The good stuff…What are the benefits?

Blocked drains can cause significant discomfort and disruption to your daily routine. Identifying the signs early can prevent potential damage and costly repairs. Some signs to watch for include:

Lower gas bills!

Even the smallest and most energy efficient traditional hot water systems will generally only have a 4-5 star energy rating. By comparison, most continuous flow gas hot water systems have a 6+ star rating, meaning you could be literally saving hundreds of dollars every year.

Unlimited hot water!

Filling a bath? Washing the dog? Just like a long shower? Fear not, the continuous flow unit will not stop. As long as the unit has a steady stream of gas, power and water it will just keep on humming along.

Less maintenance!

Generally, the more complex a product is, the more it will cost in terms of ongoing maintenance. Thanks to the simplicity of their design, continuous flow gas hot water systems have fewer parts that will need servicing or replacing in the long run. Saving you money!

No pilot light!

Have you ever experienced the frustration that comes with the pilot light going out? Unsuccessfully trying to figure out how to re-light it, then finally giving in paying for someone else to do it? Many continuous flow gas hot water systems utilise an electric spark ignition instead, meaning you can choose to do away with manual lighting.

Flexible installations!

Unlike the bulky tanks of traditional gas hot water systems, a continuous flow gas hot water system can be as small as 520mm x 355mm. The unobtrusive design makes them easy to install, even in smaller properties with limited space.

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Hilton Plumbing is Perth’s leading installer of hot water systems. Whether you’re looking for a brand new instantaneous, gas, solar or electric unit, or if need your existing unit repaired we have the expertise and stock to meet your needs.

What do you need for a simple installation?

Gas…and lots of it!

With continuous flow hot water systems burning up-to 10x the amount of gas a storage unit requires, the gas pipe sizing is key. In most cases a complete gas line upgrade from the existing gas meter to the new HWS location is required.


To ignite the system and keep it cool the unit uses a 240v Power point. If you have one already within 1M of the new installation no further installation is required.

Bigger isn’t always better!

Each property is different but, in most cases, the existing water lines cannot flow enough to utilise the extra performance a 26ltr can deliver. Due to this we recommend for most 4×2 homes a 20ltr unit. Did you know a 20ltr unit used 25% less gas than a 26?

So what’s the catch?


The average storage to continuous flow conversion starts from $1800 and may cost upwards of $3000. Due to this we like to take the time and help you through your individual hot water system purchase, making sure your system is the right one for you and your budget.

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