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Septic Tanks and Leach Drains

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Septic Tanks and Leach Drains

Septic tanks offer a solution for Perth area homeowners without access to the city’s sewer system, allowing you to flush waste and grey water out of your home. However, your septic tank is not a permanent holding facility. Eventually, it will need service and possible even septic tank repair.

Do You Need Your Tank Pumped?

How long has it been since you had your septic tank pumped? If it has been five years or longer, then chances are good that you are about to experience a major septic problem. As your tank fills, it will take longer for water to drain from sinks and tubs. You may also notice foul odours coming from your drains as the sewage backs up closer and closer. If it has been a while since your tank was pumped, Hilton Plumbing can help.

Septic Tank Repair

While it is hoped that your septic tank will stand the test of time, they can experience a wide range of problems that may necessitate septic tank repair. One of the most common issues is that grease builds up in the drain pipe, slowing the flow of waste into the tank. This grease must be manually removed to restore the flow of water.

Additional issues that may arise with the tank include cracks in the tank wall or lid, or blockages at the outlets that lead to the drain field. Damage from tree roots penetrating the tank, or stemming from ground movement, will also need to be repaired.

Leach Drain Field Repairs

The leach field, or drain field, is the area of your yard where liquid from the septic tank is released. These pipes can also suffer from issues. Older, corrugated pipes with drain holes cut into them can clog up over time, causing sewage to back up into the septic tank, and then into your home. It can also cause dirty water to percolate up through the soil, creating standing puddles of sewage in your yard.

Not sure if you need septic tank repair or leach drain service? We can help. Call Hilton Plumbing on 6350 0900, and we will be happy to provide you with an on-site inspection and a full assessment without any call out fee.

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