Rheem MPI-325 Series 2 Heat Pump

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Rheem MPI-325 Series 2 Heat Pump

energy efficiencystar rating value for money
upkeep costs
5 Years years
suitable for
2-5 People people
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From Australia premium hot water system company, comes the Rheem MPI-325. With a power efficiency of over 300% its guaranteed to save you money.


Combined with PV panels these units come close to being 100% free to operate. Make massive savings if upgrading from an electric storage. Government rebates make these affordable to the everyday consumer! *NOTE* PRICE LISTED INCLUDES APPLICABLE STC REBATES

Rheem MPI-325 Series 2 Heat Pump

The Rheem MPI-325 Series 2 Heat Pump is one of the best units from Australia’s premium hot water system company. It puts a premium on power efficiency without compromising on energy savings of over 300%. If you can combine it with PV panels, this unit is a blast to own because it can operate on its own and can even provide massive savings via government rebates.

Customer service is a priority. This powerhouse also comes with a 5-year warranty for the heat exchanger, 3 years for the cylinder and condenser and 2 years for the sealed refrigeration system, including full parts and labour.

With its reliability and energy efficiency, you can never go wrong with the Rheem MPI-325 Series 2 Heat Pump. It is one of the best value for money in the hot water system industry.

Manufacturers Heat Exchanger Warranty (Domestic)

5 years cylinder & condenser. 3 years on cylinder labour.

2 years sealed refrigeration system including labour

Manufacturers Parts & Labour Warranty (Domestic) 2 years full parts and labour 
Technical Specifications
Cold Relief Valve Setting 850 Kpa
ECV Hot Relief Valve Setting 1000 Kpa
Link to Manufacturers Product Page https://rheem.com.au/rheem/products/Residential/Heat-Pumps/MPi-Series/Rheem-MPi-325-Series-II-Heat-Pump/p/55132507


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