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Prices listed are based on a like for like basis, meaning the same or similar sized model as previously installed.

Prices are based on the assumption that the existing system on the premises is in compliance with all relevant laws and codes. *Additional costs will apply if extras are needed to bring a system up to standard or if additional valves are needed for the reliable installation of the new hot water system*

*Tempering Valves are required on all installations where there is a change in type or capacity of hot water system

*Power points for instantaneous systems can be arranged at our competitive rate, please call for further details*

Our team of specialists will assess your installation onsite and determine whether any extras are required prior to commencing. Our no surprise policy means that you will know exactly the costs prior to commencement.

PLEASE NOTE Cancellations will incur a minimum charge and a restocking fee

For any queries or advice  please feel free to call to talk to one of our leading technicians. We will be happy to hear from you.

Score Definitions

Value for money
This is a great indicator of how great overall a hot water system is for the price. The higher the score, the better the value. Takes into consideration, cost, reliability, efficiency, warranty and required upkeep.

Upkeep costs
This indicates how much the system may cost you in scheduled and unscheduled maintenance over the lifespan of the unit. The higher the score, the lower the maintenance costs.

This indicates how reliable overall the system is expected to be. The higher the score, the more reliable the system. This takes into consideration average lifespan of the unit and common problems found with each unit.

Total Score
The total score takes into consideration the units energy rating, cost, expected upkeep and reliability. The higher the score the better the purchase overall.

Price isn’t everything!

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