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What is a Continuous/Instantaneous hot water system?

continuous hot water system

What is a Continuous/Instantaneous hot water system?

Instantaneous hot water systems are an alternative to the traditional hot water tanks. Both supply hot water but in different ways. A hot water tank stores a certain number of liters at a time. As the hot water is used up, cold water enters the tank to replace it. Reheating the cold water can take some time, thus interrupting the hot water supply.

Continuous hot water systems are designed to heat water when you need it. When you turn the water on, the flow activates the gas or electricity which heats the water. When the tap is turned off, the hot water system goes off automatically. With an instant system, you get a continuous flow of hot water for as long as you need it. The system promotes energy efficiency as power is not used to heat storage water and maintain it at a constant temperature. With an instant system, you can reduce your energy bills by a big percentage.

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Endless supply of hot water
With traditional hot water tanks, hot water supply runs out when the pre-heated water is exhausted. You have to wait for a given period for the cold water to heat up to the desired temperature. When it runs out, one has to take a cold shower or postpone taking one. This can be embarrassing when it happens to your guests. With an instant hot water system, the supply is not limited. You will have hot water for everyone even when the whole family is visiting.

Saves space
Traditional hot water tanks are bulky and take up space in your home. They can dominate the exterior of your home and ruin its beauty. Instantaneous hot water systems are small in size and aesthetically appealing as well.

Cleaner water supply
Rust and dirt can build up in the storage tank over time. Thus, supply from hot water tanks may not always be so clean. Instantaneous systems are tankless and, thus, your supply will always be fresh.

Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
Continuous hot water systems produce fewer emissions compared to storage hot water systems. Instantaneous hot water systems are available in LPG and natural gas models.

Many people still choose storage systems because they are less expensive to purchase than the continuous heating systems. Though they are cheaper, traditional storage tanks are designed to last for up to ten years. Instantaneous hot water system lasts up to 20 years. This is double the lifespan of the storage tanks, thus making their higher price reasonable.

Temperature control
Most continuous flow hot water heaters come with temperature remote controllers. The remote controller allows you to set the desired hot water temperature. This is useful particularly if you have children. It eliminates the hustle of switching between the hot and cold water taps.

Continuous hot water system come in handy in holiday homes where hot water use is inconsistent or low. They can also be used to boost hot water supply where there is limited storage. They are installed on the exterior since they require good ventilation.



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