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Toilet and Cistern

Struggling with a toilet that won’t flush? Dealing with a cistern that is leaking, or damaged? Is there a water leak somewhere on your toilet but you just cannot seem to locate it? Whatever the case might be, Hilton Plumbing can help. We offer expert toilet repair, cistern repair, and toilet installation for clients throughout Perth and the surrounding area.

Damaged or Leaking Toilet Repair

We can provide a wide range of toilet repair services, including the following:

Difficult Blockages: One of the most common complaints our customers have is a blocked toilet. Stubborn clogs can gum up the works despite your best efforts with a plunger. Our expert plumbers arrive at your home prepared for the worst and will use modern equipment to unclog the line and get your toilet back in working order.

Toilet Won’t Flush: Another common complaint we hear is that a toilet won’t flush. There could be any number of reasons for this, but barring blockages in the sewer line, the issue is likely with the fill valve or the flapper inside the toilet tank. Our plumbers can quickly identify the issue and rectify the situation.

Cistern Repair: The cistern, or toilet tank, is what holds the water that flushes your toilet. Like the toilet bowl, the cistern is made of ceramic, but it can be damaged in a number of ways. Even hairline cracks on the bottom of the tank can lead to leaking toilets over time. We offer cistern repair and replacement services to ensure you can get on with your life.

Toilet Replacement

While we are happy to repair many issues, there are times that your old toilet simply cannot be saved. In this instance, we offer toilet installation with a new, low-flow, high-efficiency model that will save water consumption while providing better performance than your old, leaky toilet.

Of course, we can also offer toilet installation in the case of bathroom renovations and remodels, as well as with new home construction. We offer a broad range of high-quality toilet models from which to choose.

Whether you need cistern repair, have a leaking toilet, or want to consider new toilet installation, we invite you to contact Hilton Plumbing today on 6350 0900.

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