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The Hilton Plumbing Guide to Choosing the Right Toilet

Choosing the right toilet can be a challenge and more often than not usually ends up in numerous trips to the DIY store and a waste of your own time and money.

If you follow this guide below you can save the hassle by picking the right toilet suite to suit your home and its existing infrastructure.

Here is an overview of the types of toilet available:

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Back to Wall Suites
Back to wall toilet suites sits flush against your bathroom wall. This means that there are no gaps between the wall and toilet at all.  This type of toilet is very modern in design suiting contemporary style bathrooms. As back to wall suites have no gaps they are also easier to clean.view our back to wall suites
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Close Couple Suites
Close Couple suites have the toilet pan and cistern joined so you cannot see the flush pipe. This type of toilet will suit all types of bathrooms and is very traditional.view our close couple suites

Connector Suites
Connector suites are the most traditional types of toilets with the cistern joined to the pan by as plastic flush pipe and connector plate. This type of toilet allows for the greatest level of flexibility during installation.view our connector suites

Choosing the Right Toilet Pan for your Bathroom

After choosing the style of toilet suite it is important to select the correct pan for your set-out and plumbing requirements. In Australia we have four trap versions of each model:

S-trap Toilet Pans
S-trap Toilet Pans are the most commonplace in Australia. It is identified with the toilet spigot of the trap connecting directly into the floor-mounted pan collar.

P-trap Toilet Pans
P-trap version pans have either an angled or horizontal outlet spigot which connects into a pan collar mounted on the wall.

Skew trap toilet pans
Skew trap version pans are available in left and right hand models with a horizontal or angled outlet spigot which is offset at 90° and connects directly into a pan collar mounted on a side wall.

Pan Set Out
To measure the pan offset to work out what suites are suitable you measure the distance from the back wall to the middle of the toilet spigot (the waste flush pipe that discharges into the ground or wall).

This will usually be in the range from 120mm-200mm

Sometimes this is not visible due to the pan style and design if this is the case then a safe rule of thumb is if you currently have a close coupled or back to wall toilet suite than the same style of suite will be versatile enough to fit.

Floor Level
The modern back to wall suite unfortunately has one weakness in its installation versatility and that is that it’s not able to be installed in positions with medium/large fall.

If your floor falls away noticeably to a floor grate unfortunately a back to wall suite in not going to be flexible enough to fit in this circumstance.

Skirting tiles
When installing a back to wall suite in most circumstances if the walls are not tiled above the level of the toilet suite than the skirting tiles will need to be removed so that the pan can go back flush against the wall.

A tiler or handy man will be required to cut and replace the tiles removed for installation at an extra cost.

Water entry point
A majority of toilet suites have a bottom water entry point with a small isolation tap this allows versatile connection to a majority of suites.

Some cisterns have a rear or back entry water point that is concealed at cistern height. This position is very particular to the make and model of suite that was previously installed.

When replacing this suite further works will be required to relocate the cold water feed at additional costs.

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