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What is a gas hot water system?

gast hot water system

What is a gas hot water system?

Heating water uses up to a quarter of the total energy consumption for an average family. Therefore, the choice of the right water heating system is important. One such water heating system for both residential and offices is gas hot water system. This is the industry standard for water heating systems and uses either natural or liquefied petroleum gas to heat water for use. Due to readily available gas and ease of installation, a gas hot water system is relatively economical due low upfront and maintenance costs.

How a gas hot water system works

Gas hot water system heats water using a gas burner fitted to the base of the water storage tank or attached to the water piping system depending on the type of system being used. The main gas burner, which heats the water, is light by a pilot flame. Even when the water heating system is turned on, the pilot flame burns nonstop to allow for instantaneous or continuous lighting of the main gas burner depending on the type of system in use. The heat process takes when water flows through the heat exchanger, which is a coiled to increase the contact between water and the heating system. To achieve maximum heating, the pipe is coiled to increase surface of heat exchanger in contact with the water. The heating system begins working continuously or instantaneously when users turn on the hot water tap depending on the type of system. In most cases, the water storage system is insulating on its walls to ensure that heat is not lost from the system and water temperature remains relatively high.

Advancement in technology has enabled manufacturers to design solar water heating systems that can be integrated with gas hot water system. This allows households and businesses to overcome problem inherent with solar water heating systems: availability of solar. System substitution allow users to switch to gas water heating system when it is cloudy or rainy.

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Why gas hot water system is your ideal water heating system

The popularity of gas hot water systems for both homes and businesses is grounded on the numerous economical and environmental advantages that comes with it. Since water heating consumes a significant portion of energy for any average household, having an economical system is very crucial. Gas hot water system is relatively cheaper to install and maintain compared to other water heating systems such as electrical and solar water heating systems. Gas hot water systems are come with low upfront cost as they primarily use existing household gas system. Households without piped gas network can purchase the LPG from gas stations in bottles. Moreover, it can be integrated with solar water heating system into a gas-boosted solar system. This versatility is crucial in reducing cost of running households. It is also environmentally compared to electrical water heating system as it emits lower levels of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases emission is also reduced since the water is heated faster and kept hot through insulation.

Types of gas hot water system

There are two main types of gas hot water systems available in the market depending on their heating systems. Instantaneous systems, also known as continuous flow systems, this variety does not use a storage tank. Piped water flows directly into the heating system and is heated instantly. This system only heats water when it is needed. Heating begins immediately the hot water tap is switched on by the user. Secondly, storage heaters system has the gas heating system attached to an insulated tank. The system comes with a continuously burning pilot flame and the main gas burner that heats the water. The pilot flame ignites the main gas burner when a switch is turned on to begin the heating process.



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