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What is an electric hot water system?

electric hot water systems 

What is an electric hot water system?

When the hot water tap turns on, it sparks the electric heating element. Hot water systems that use this system are called electric hot water heaters. The electricity within raises the heat levels, whether in a storage system or a tankless water heater. Nevertheless, electric hot water systems aren't the only systems to warm the water with electricity and solar hot water systems have an electric booster element that increases reliability and consistency for hot water.

Why Pick an Electric Hot Water Heater?

Some homeowners get backed into a corner because their home has no gas connectors. For those situations, practical minded individuals will often choose an electric hot water system if it suits their needs over paying $90-$260 to have gas connectors installed on top of the gas water heater. Plus, the upfront costs of installing an electric water heater will cost less. Keep in mind, however, this option will also be the most expensive over the long term because of ever-rising energy bills.

Are Tankless Water Heaters Electric?

Actually, it depends because you have two types of tankless water heaters. Normally, tankless electric water heaters will cost less than double of their gas counterpart. An electric tankless water heater will cost around $1,000, whereas a tankless gas water heater can cost as much as $3,000. Meanwhile, you may have to rewire your house, which can cost in excess of $5,000. Why would someone go through the trouble of a tankless water heater? For a big family of six or seven who all take showers in the morning, you understand what happens when you're the last one to take a shower. You get the cold shower because all the hot water was run out. With a tankless water heater, the water never goes cold because it runs through a system that heats the water as it goes along, which is more efficient. In fact, electric tankless water heaters will usually be around 99 percent thermal efficient. When you compare it to the gas tankless water heaters, even the best units will only have 80 to 85 percent efficiency. Gas tankless water heaters can also waste energy if they continually have the burning pilot light.

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Cost of Heating with an Electric Water Heater: How Much Does It Affect the Electric Bill?

You have to think about this on the right level. Water heating systems will be the second largest cost to your electric bill, which accounts for 18 percent in the total energy costs, according to the US Department of Energy. Every water heater receives a rating called the energy factor or EF. A higher EF means you have a more efficient water heater. For example, most EFs will range from 0.95 to 0.75 for electric water heaters. The water tank size, and how much water is used and the temperature's setting will all play a role in the rating.

To calculate the cost of energy, consider this. Normal water heaters will run for three hours every day. If you have a 50-gallon tank and a 5,500-watt water heater that has a .90 EF, the cost of energy will run around $0.16 for every kilowatt per hour. This adds up to a total cost of $781 every year. To lower your energy bill, lower the thermostat. Usually 120 degrees Fahrenheit will be enough to make a real difference.

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