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Commercial Plumbing for Laboratories

One of the specialist services offered by Hilton Plumbing is commercial plumbing for laboratories. We understand that commercial laboratories have different piping needs than other types of businesses and properties.

At Hilton Plumbing, we have a team of expert plumbers who have the knowledge and experience in handling all aspects of commercial plumbing for laboratories. We understand your unique environmental and safety requirements.

We also have extensive experience working on a wide range of commercial buildings and business types in Perth including hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants, churches, correctional facilities, industrial buildings, universities, nursing homes, shopping centres, apartment blocks, and office towers.

Commercial Plumbing for Laboratories Requirements

The plumbing requirements for laboratories depend on the industry they belong to. When you employ our commercial plumbing services, we will discuss your specific laboratory needs. We will also consider the regulatory requirements for gas and liquid systems used in your facility. That way we can come up with the right design, maintenance and repairs for waste storage, fume protection, and noise and thermal insulation of the laboratory.

We have specialists who ensure our commercial plumbing for laboratories complies with industry standards. We also adhere to the guidelines related to the protection of drainage and water supplies.

Commercial Plumbing Services

We have years of experience we bring to commercial plumbing for laboratories in Perth. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Emergency service. Our commercial plumbers are available 24/7 to assist you when you encounter problems.
  • Pressure and temperature control. We make sure that the temperature and pressure are at the right level at all times.
  • Special fixtures for laboratories. We can install special taps for laboratories, including self-closing fixtures and hands-free taps.
  • Drain service. Our team can remove clogs and prevent backflow. This is important in containing chemical waste from contaminating the water line.
  • Compliance inspection. We will ensure your plumbing system complies with industry standards.
  • Equipment installation. Our plumbers can assist in installing special equipment that requires a dedicated water source or drains.
  • Backflow testing. We will make sure water and chemical waste don’t flow back into the water line.
  • Annual maintenance inspection. Regular maintenance of the system can prevent expensive repairs in the future.

Hilton Plumbing takes pride in providing cost-effective plumbing solutions in the shortest time possible and with minimal disruption to business. Contact us today for your commercial plumbing needs.

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