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Is your family drinking enough water each day? It’s estimated that 80% of Australian adults are suffering from chronic dehydration, leading to common symptoms such as lethargy, diminished thinking ability, nausea and headaches.

We all know we need to drink more water, but it can be difficult when you don’t enjoy the taste of tap water. Installing a water filtration system can vastly improve the taste and clarity of your drinking water, making it easier to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Not only will a water filtration system significantly enhance the taste of your water, but it will also remove contaminants such as chlorine (up to 98%), rust particles, heavy metals and bacteria, which all have the potential to cause ongoing health issues.


A good beauty routine starts with the simple, everyday things. Chlorinated tap water can be incredibly drying on the skin because it has been shown to strip off your skins protective layer of sebum (the substance that coats, protects and moisturises the surface of the skin).

Without this protective layer, your skin may feel itchy, dry and tight, or for those with sensitive skin (or a pre-existing condition such as eczema), you may find chlorinated tap water to be extremely aggravating. The solution? Get rid of the chlorine. A whole house filter will remove up to 98% of the chlorine from your water, meaning you can shower in water that is pure, soft and hydrating.

This simple change in your beauty routine can leave your skin and hair feeling softer, less dry and more nourished.

Babies and Children

A baby’s skin is much thinner than that of an adult, so it’s no wonder that their skin is more sensitive, more delicate and less resilient when faced with environmental contaminants and bacteria.

Installing a whole house filtration system will ensure your baby’s bathwater is soft, pure and gentle on the skin, with no nasty bacteria, trace chemicals or chlorine.

Purified water also enables you to use less soap and shampoo when bathing your children because filtered water is easier to lather than standard tap water. A water filtration system will also provide your children with pure and fresh drinking water, something that is particularly important when preparing baby formula.

By encouraging your children to drink plenty of water from a young age, you’re setting them on a healthier path to adulthood.


If you’ve ever tirelessly scrubbed at the calcium build-up on your shower screen or tried in vain to remove the water stains from your kitchen sink, then a whole house filtration system may be just the solution you need.

Tap water is often categorised as ‘hard’ water, thanks to the trace mineral elements, sediments and chemicals it contains. A whole home filtration system is installed on the mains water connection to your property, purifying and softening the water before it ever reaches your taps.

This will improve the clarity and colour of your water, while also reducing limescale and calcium deposits (even helping to remove existing build-ups around bathroom, laundry and kitchen fixtures).


In 2015 Australian’s spent an estimated $2 billion buying 726 million litres of bottled water – even though a 600ml bottle of water costs the same as about 1,000 litres of tap water!

With a whole home filtration system, you’ll never need to buy bottled water again. Instead, you can enjoy water that is pure, fresh and chemical-free, from every single tap in your home. And the flow-on savings (no pun intended) don’t end there. A whole home filtration system can minimise wear on home appliances, improve the energy efficiency of hot water services and reduce the amount of detergent and soap necessary for bathing and washing clothes.

This means that your whole home filtration system could potentially result in thousands of dollars in future savings.

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