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Electric Hot Water Systems

Electric Storage

Starting at $790 Fully Installed*

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Instant Hot Water System

Gas Continuous Flow

Starting at $890 Fully Installed*

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Gas Hot Water System

Gas Storage

Starting at $1050 Fully Installed*

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Heat Pump Hot Water

Solar Heat Pump

Starting at $2490 Fully Installed*

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No hot water? Hilton Plumbing will get you warm in no time.

  • Hot water run out?
  • Faulty pilot light?
  • Water isn’t hot enough?
  • Leaking hot water system?
  • Noisy pipes?

An unexpected change in your hot water service may be the result of a minor problem, easily repaired by one of our licensed plumbers. Or, it may be the result of a more significant issue.

No matter what the problem Hilton Plumbing has the answer.

We prefer to extend the life of your hot water system, taking a repair over replacement policy where viable. Hilton Plumbing are the trusted repairer for many manufacturers meaning that we have the knowledge to get you up and running as swiftly and efficiently as possible.

For Swift, safe repairs call Hilton Plumbing

Learn more about Hilton Plumbing's hot water service repairs.

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Hot Water Systems Perth

Cold start to your day? Put a stop to that now and call the team at Hilton Plumbing to repair or replace your hot water system in Perth.

Whether the Pilot lights gone out, the waters not hot enough or there just isn’t enough to go around! Gas Storage Hot Water Systems, Instant Gas Hot Water Systems, Electric Storage Hot Water Systems and Solar we have you covered.

We turn up repair ready, experienced with a van carrying the essential components for most makes and models. Get back in hot water. Call Hilton Plumbing today.

Don’t allow the lifespan of your hot water system to be called short, Talk to our Perth hot water system experts to get the right advice for you. Learn how our routine maintenance services can keep your system running in tip top shape for years to come.

Is your hot water system looking a bit sad and rusty, doesn’t deliver the performance it used to or even detect a leak? Sometimes, replacement is the only option. Hilton Plumbing will happily guide you through the multiple options available, and help identify the right solution for your needs, property and budget!

We size, source and install your new unit, getting you back up and running with minimal fuss. Stop timing your showers and coming up cold.

Hilton Plumbing is an authorised repairer for most major hot water system manufactures. Trust the repairers, trusted by the manufacturers themselves.

Please access the links below to learn more about Hilton’s hot water systems. If you are having any problems with your hot water system right now, please contact us!

Customer Testimonials

cant praise Hilton Plumbing enough I received great advice from the minute I called. I called the office at 9 am last Monday and by 11am there was a tradesman here to remove the old Hot water system and replace with a new system. They even removed the old system for a small fee for me. I had hot water by 1pm. No surprises in the cost either an upfront and excellent service. I would highly recommend them

Patty W

Our hot water system died in the morning on the 16th of Sep 2016. We called around 11am to have it fixed via the real estate agent we rent through. By 2pm the components had been delivered. Clinton from Hilton’s had arrived shortly after and had the work well underway. He was very friendly and helpful and explained everything. The job he has done is amazing it looks 100 times better than the previous setup. The hot water is a lot smoother and constant. We are VERY happy with the service and support provided

Bonnie H

Friendly and willing to listen to me describe my problems without interruption.
Sympathetic to the disruption and inconvenience with our hot water dramas.
Communicated their travel and arrival time so we were not left waiting in limbo.
Offered advice and options to resolving the problem.
Great to have good quality tradespeople from your own area.
Have earmarked this company as our go to people for future plumbing/hot water issues.

Robert W

Our hot water system finally gave up the ghost at around 6.00pm in the evening. We called Clint at Hilton Plumbing – expecting to leave a message as it was nearly 6.30pm – and he not only answered after hours but arranged for the supply and installation of a new system the following morning. That meant we were only one night without hot water. The installation was completed very efficiently and to an excellent standard by Anthony in just a couple of hours. I can’t say enough good things about the service – we have used Hilton Plumbing on previous occasions and have always been very pleased with the results. We have no hesitation recommending Hilton Plumbing for any plumbing jobs you have.

Miranda F

I am most impressed by the service received by Hilton Plumbing (HP) and have no hesitation in recommending them. On the day of my scheduled appointment they had a staff member book off sick inconveniencing many who were waiting for maintenance/repairs that day. HP contacted me immediately to advise and offer an alternative day for repair. When advised that this was not possible, they arranged repair later on that same day, by the boss! And they offered a discount for my inconvenience. Well done to the team at HP, this is what old fashioned service is all about. Much appreciated!

Kim F

very person I spoke with was so polite and professional. Turned up on time, explained everything, were careful not to leave mess and upfront about costs. Got a customer for life!

Ainslie L

Previously used them to replace a hot water system and used them again today for a leaky toilet. Such nice people and so efficient ! Thank you for today Jason !

Melissa D

I have used Hilton Plumbing twice now. First was Colin who fixed a old hot water heater in a rental we had. Most would have just insisted on replacing but Colin was considerate of my money and excellent at his profession and repaired it. Today was Jason, traumatic news the reconstituted limestone paving had to be cut into to repair a hot water leak. He cut, the cut was fantastic, repaired and cleaned up so well he could work for Flying Domestics. Both times the price was quoted and prices very competitive. I would recommend them to anyone, Big budget, little budget these guys are true professionals. How hard is that to find these days??

Jenna L

Arrived within 3 hrs of calling, for replacement of valves and anode their price $110 cheaper than other quote we received. Convenient credit card payment from their portable device. Work done quickly and explained well afterwards. Team all very professional and helpful.

Sharon W

Had a tap emergency! Clinton organized someone to come out asap. Very quick, love my new taps, highly recommend to family and friends and everyone who needs a plumber! Thankyou Hilton Plumbing 🙂

Suz B

Hilton Plumbing is a pleasure to deal with from the moment you call them. The plumber arrived within an hour after the phone call. Did the fix on leaking cistern on toilet, anode and relief valve replacement on hot water system efficiently. Reasonable charge with no call out fee. Thank you.

Randy W

can’t thank the staff at Hilton Plumbing enough. Their thorough and efficient service was amazing! They were constantly in contact with me in Karratha dealing with my house in Perth. They gave great peace of mind when I couldn’t be there, which is so important. Would thoroughly recommend them and will make them my only choice in the future. Thanks.

Deanne J

I was completely happy with the service. A very professional & organised company. I feel confident asking questions to get honest answers & feedback . Price wise very competitive. Will be my GO-TOO plumbing & Gas company. I have now used them on three occasions (different properties). Thanks to all staff.

Susan K

I had a problematic waste drain and a flush to wall throne that needed installation. Other companies/plumbers did not even care to perform such a task. Hilton plumbing and their employee Martin had the issue resolved in less that 24hrs of first contact. I highly recommend Hilton Plumbing, excellent work ethics and a can do attitude.

Luke I

The best service I have ever received in over 30 years. Friendly and very helpful staff. Genuinely interested in customer satisfaction. I can highly recommend Hilton to anyone.

Annette C

Highly recommend the guys at Hilton plumbing! Great to deal with and got the job done neatly, fast and for a great price. Will be using them again. Two thumbs up!

Amanda R

These guys are amazing!! Super quick, reliable and very reasonably priced- I would recommend these highly

Rachael F

Service like no other. How refreshing to have courteous, prompt and reliable service! (and checking and responding to messages over Easter- incredible!!)

Judy F

Very impressed with the workmanship from Clinton and his team at Hilton plumbing . Pipe work and install is a work of art

extremely happy with service price and install would highly recommend !

Simon R

Had Colin around most of the day fitting vanities in both bathrooms the most professional plumber we have come across in attitude and ability and have requested Colin come back and install our 2 new toilets which we are buying off Hilton Plumbing can recommend these guys anytime

Chris F

When our hot water system died, a quick review of products on Choice and then prices lead me to Hilton Plumbing. I was grateful that they could attend the same day (a Friday !) and the guys did great job finishing just before dark on Friday evening. Excellent service and a guaranteed price, can’t do better than that.

Mike W

These guys including their office staff are very good. I was very happy with the sale of the hot water system as well as the two guys that came to install the unit were very professional, friendly, well presented and efficient with their time. I would not hesitate to use them again or recommend them. The company deserves to do very well. Thank you Hilton Plumbers

Wendy G

I was most impressed from my initial phone call with your company on Saturday as you were the only one of 6 calls I made who suggested to come and take a look at my Hot Water Service problem before purchasing a new unit and if I needed a new unit you would waive the investigative costs, the work performed was outstanding and very cost effective, thanks for the great work and I would recommend you to anyone that needed a plumber.

Mark H

Woke up to gushing water heater, rang Hilton Plumbing, they were available, prompt, knowledgable and gave good tips on improving the length of my replacement gas water heater. They also talked me out of spending more on a bigger model saving me a wad of cash. Highly recommended, deserve more than 5 out of 5.

Ron W

Thank you very much for your prompt and very friendly service. Nothing was a problem. Very happy with the service at such short notice to replace my hot water system.


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